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A brand new YA mystery/thriller from Wattpad Books...

Some secrets are best left forgotten.

When Allie Castillo wakes up after a terrible car accident, with head injuries and zero recollection of who she is or what happened, one thing haunts her mind: the crash may not have been an accident. 


Her body still bruised, she returns to a life she doesn’t recall, to a house that’s unfamiliar, and to a family that doesn’t feel like her own. School is another minefield—her boyfriend wants his girl back, while her best friend wants to carry on their old partying ways. Then there’s the mysterious guy at the back of the classroom, who may know more than he’s willing to reveal, but appears to want nothing more than to unlock the door to her forgotten memories. 


As Allie learns about her notorious past, she grows to dislike who she was pre-accident. She’s determined to change, determined not to repeat the same mistakes. But with her life in jeopardy once more, Allie realizes that her only chance at survival is to remember who she used to be—even if that means abandoning who she wants to become.

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